(Re)Introduction and (Re)Focus

Well, it's a new day. A new blog, a website all my own with a really dumb, random name and a new attempt at actually accomplishing something I've been meaning to do for several years.

Let me back up a bit. I've been meaning to write up a regular blog/website/whatever for several years, since I was in high school. I got started several times, putting up a few posts, sending out links and everything. But after a short while, I'd run out of ideas for what to post or write about, the blog would start to gather dust and eventually I'd just say forget it and start over again on a fresh blog.

Hence, the title of this particular post.

I live, I blog, I live again.

This is the third (or fourth, I lose count) attempt of mine to start writing something regularly. Hopefully the fact that I plopped some money down on a domain name actually makes me want to keep going with it this time. We'll see which aspect of my personality is stronger: the miser or the lazy bum.

My goal at this point in time is to post three times a week with random thoughts, ideas, musings, and anecdotes from my life. Most of it is going to be centered around writing, since that's actually why I started this blog (and all the others before it) in the first place.

I love to write. I've written advertising copy, other blog posts, formal academic papers, several book-sized stories (that will never be published), and contribute to other websites every once in a while (like the fantastic Star Wars fansite eleven-thirtyeight.com). But since I left grad school, I haven't done a lot of writing that's been for me. That sounds selfish, and in a way it is, because there are two things I want to accomplish with this site: I want to practice my writing, and I want to put my name out there as a writer.

Practice makes perfect. Well, not perfect, exactly, but it certainly makes you better.

Why do I need to practice writing, you might ask. Is it because you're a bad writer? No, I don't think so. I certainly don't consider myself a great writer, but I'm not so down on myself to think that I'm bad. So why o I need to practice? Because writing isn't something you learn once then master for the rest of your life. Writing is a process, it evolves and grows as you learn and experience more in your life, as you discover new tricks and come up with new ideas, as you meet new people and visit new places.

Writing isn't a stagnant skill. It takes effort and determination to become good at it (ask any mid-grade grammar or language arts student and they'll tell you), and you never stop learning. Even after you know the basics, even after you can spell hindsight or bookkeeper or neighbor without resorting to spell-check, you still have more to learn. There will always be that next little turn of phrase, that lilt of narrative voice, the cadence of a sentence that you can change and make better next time.

So, this site and the blog isn't to help me stop being a bad writer. It's to help me become a better one.

Just putting it out there.

But wait, you might say. Didn't you say you're doing this for self-promotion? Isn't this just a lame attempt to make yourself famous and rich by being the next big blogger?

No. Not really. Here's my reasoning behind this. This site, this blog, it isn't an advertisement for me as a person or a brand. This is just a place where I can put myself out there for other people to see if they want to look at what I write in a style and situation outside of whatever format or restrictions I have in other places. The only one moderating me here, is me.

So that's what this site is, and why the blog is here. I'm putting myself, my thoughts and my ideas, out for the world to see. Yes, it's something I could theoretically put on a resume someday. But more than that, it gives me a place to relax, kick my feet up, prop my keyboard across my knees and write whatever I want to write about. It's a place all about my thoughts, my personality, my opinions and my ideas.

If someone's looking for where to find me online, this is the place I'll point them to.

So, what now?

That's the great thing. I don't know what now. I have a few thoughts scribbled down somewhere about what to write next, but they're just topics, no outlines, no formal ideas, not even a thesis statement. Everything I write on here will be off-the-cuff, tongue-in-cheek and about as informal as wearing sneakers and jeans to the prom.

As I said at the top, most of the posts in the early going will be about writing, because that's sorta the topic I've picked most of my ideas out about. But if something else grabs my attention, that will rise to the top of the pile. There isn't a hard schedule for when posts will go up at this point, but if I get to the point where I need one I'll be sure to note it somewhere. If there's some other work of mine up elsewhere that I want to link to from here, I'll do so, probably in a top of the week or end of the week dump post with links galore.

I have no idea if this experiment will work. I may get ten readers, I may get a thousand, I may not get any. But hopefully it's fun regardless.

Oh, and the blog name? It's just whatever I imagine runs behind my skull in that mess of randomness and baffling insanity that is my brain. Let's see where it takes us, shall we?